Scrip | Gift Certificates | Gift Cards

  1. Scrip / Gift Cards are certificates issued by selected merchants to be used as payment for goods and services.
  2. All applicable taxes or gratuities must be paid in cash at the time of usage.
  3. Scrip / Gift Cards charges are to be paid to the nearest domination. Change on Scrip / Gift Cards charges will not be made.
  4. Scrip / Gift Cards cannot be changed. Any shortage of Scrip / Gift Cards must be paid in full before departure with cash or acceptable credit card.
  5. No Scrip / Gift Cards are redeemable for cash.

We suggest that you regularly check for updates on this web site.

If you have questions call the Max office. (305) 662-8611

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The MAX Card

The list of restaurants and merchants honoring the MAX Card is constantly changing. You will note that there are many new retail businesses that are accepting the MAX Card, Scrip Certificates and Personalized Letter of Credit. Call the MAX office for details.

B- Breakfast ...L- Lunch.... D- Dinner
Other discounts or coupons are not honored with the MAX Card.

Max may not be honored on major holidays.
Please check with the individual restaurant.
The charge limit at general MAX Card merchants can be exceeded with approval from MAX office.